Frequently asked questions


How should I wash and take care of Pikaluna leggings?

  • We recommend washing them in a delicate laundry program at 30 degrees.
  • Before washing, turn the leggings, so the print is on the inside.
  • Drying in the dryer is not recommended.
  • Do not use bleach.


Are the leggings see-through?

  • Pikaluna leggings are not see-through. The partial transparency can occur if the material is overstretched. To avoid this, choose the right size.


Do Pikaluna leggings shape my body?

  • Pikaluna leggings do not belong in the group of compression clothes.


Are Pikaluna leggings suitable for intense exercise?

  • Pikaluna leggings are made from a material that greatly differs from the classics material for sports leggings. However many of our customers are happy to use them for this purpose as well.


What material are Pikaluna leggings made of?

  • Pikaluna leggings are made from PIKALUNA AUSNF® vegan milk silk fabric, which is extremely soft and comfortable material, to which we added elasticity and durability. It is a material based on polyesters, made by a special process. Although the material is artificial, it is very pleasant to the skin.


What is vegan milk silk?

  • Vegan milk silk it’s an inorganic fabric, soft to the touch to which we added elasticity. The difference between vegan milk silk, milk silk and natural silk is in its method of extraction. The natural silk is obtained from silkworm, but milk silk is derived from cow’s milk. Our end result is the natural alternative to milk silk, softest and most comfortable vegan material.


How can I pay for my Pikaluna order?

  • The payment methods possible on the site are cash on delivery and credit cards.


The leggings I received are not the right size / are damaged/do not suit me. Can I return/replace them? What is the procedure?