ELESUS d.o.o. is a trading company representing an international brand PIKALUNA.

Full name of the company ELESUS D.O.O


Phone:  08 651 904 2130

Email [email protected]

Registration number +86 743 61 000

The owner name ALJAZ STER

Our mission:

To combine strength, comfort, and quality with the development of new environmentally friendly materials.

Our vision:

To lead innovations in the field of the fashion industry, with the development of quality and environmentally friendly materials. By investing in the development of sustainable materials, we strive to contribute to the conservation of natural resources and preserve a high quality of life in the community.

What makes us different:

It’s all about the material. The comfort of our leggings comes from the design of the fiber by reconstructing the natural materials. Pikaluna  AUSNF® vegan milk silk fibers are made from inorganic, environmentally friendly materials. We developed a natural alternative to milk silk which ensures tenderness and comfort, to which we added elasticity and flexibility to ensure maximum comfort.